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ODIN LONNING (Tlingit name Sh’now Taan) is an award-winning, professional Native artist from Juneau, Alaska. He is Woosh Ke Taan (Eagle/Shark) Clan through his Tlingit mother, and he shares the name of his Norwegian father.

Odin was motivated to explore Tlingit art when he saw his first traditional dance performance at age ten. Local Native artists, culture centers, and museums in Southeast Alaska also inspired him. Seeking a deeper understanding of the culture essential to his artwork, Odin learned Tlingit dances and songs. Now he dances with groups in Seattle and Alaska.

Shaman mask (c) 1985 Odin Lonning Shaman mask (c) 1985 Odin Lonning, carved and painted alder


This piece represents my first serious attempt at mask carving in Tlingit style.
Shaman's masks often depict spirit helpers, including many undersea creatures like the octopus.
Tentacles decorate the forehead and sides of this mask carved of alder.
I completed this piece with assistance from instructors Richard and Michael Beasley
and an art scholarship from Sealaska Heritage Foundation.

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