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Since 1982, Odin has devoted many hours to cultural education for Native students and the general public. Today he collaborates with his partner, Ann, on Keet Shu-ka: An Indigenous Tribute to Killer Whales and other innovative programs blending First Nations culture, science, and art. Odin is a valued field assistant to the Vashon Hydrophone Project (VHP) for Puget Sound whale research, which Ann coordinates. The VHP collects data on Puget Sound’s endangered killer whales. Learn more about the VHP at www.acspugetsound.org.

Presentation List

  • duo - Odin Lonning and Ann Stateler : talks, presentations, and more
  • solo - Odin Lonning : demonstrations, lectures, presentations, and more

Keet Shu-Ka : An Indigenous Tribute to Killer Whales

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